Miji | Star3 G Plus
Miji Design verbindet modernes, funktionales Design, innovative Technologie, hohe Materialqualität und umweltfreundliche Standards zu einem außergewöhnlichen Koch-Erlebnis.
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Product Name

Star3 G Plus

Product Information

With a Miji touch-control hotplate, you can decide to cook wherever you want, whenever you want. Hold the Miji stove in one hand, stand where you want to cook, plug it into a socket, turn on the stove with the slide of a finger and a joyous cooking and dining experience will begin.

A high-end electromagnetic induction stove, its functions are designed intelligently to improve your cooking experience.

Its shape is simple and elegant, the base of the stove is curved to prevent spills and stains during cooking, and is easier to clean.

The high power output allows you to meet your everyday needs for simmering, sautéing, frying and boiling.

A user-friendly slide control system allows temperature to be easily set.

The stove has the ability to record energy consumption, allowing you to keep track of electricity usage rates and therefore use energy more efficiently.

The stove temperature can be directly set using the fully adjustable sliding touch controls.

Miji Star3 is made with a heat-resistant, reinforced glass-fibre interior and an excellently designed exterior, while the cooking occurs on a SCHOTT CERAN® black Ceran glass panel.

Compared to Star3, Miji Star3 Plus uses SCHOTT CERAN® transparent Ceran glass panels. Its unique, unusual exterior design helps Miji Star3 Plus stand out amongst other portable hotplates.

Product Functions

Residual heat indicator
Error display
Energy consumption display
Automatic pot/pan recognition
Key-lock/ child safety
Digital display panel

Product Parameters

Colour: grey
Voltage: 220 V–240 V
Frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power: 2300 W
Size of cooking zone: Ø 100–200 mm
Power of cooking zone: 2300 W
Minimal induction area: Ø 100 mm
Surface temperature: none
Input power regulation: 0–9 power level
Method of control: sliding touch control
Method of use: portable
Size of product: 300×400×75 mm
Weight: 4.1 kg


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