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Miji Design verbindet modernes, funktionales Design, innovative Technologie, hohe Materialqualität und umweltfreundliche Standards zu einem außergewöhnlichen Koch-Erlebnis.
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We’re honoured that you’ve chosen a Miji product. Whenever you need help, we are there for you. On many occasions, any malfunctions can be attributed to some small details and can be eliminated on your own. Please refer to Tips.


For a product warranty, you can ask our customer service for help before sending us your purchased product. To make sure that your machine is delivered safely to us, please use the original packaging to send it. In order to make the process efficient, please send the original invoice and the completed warranty notice together with the product. Please note that our customer service is not free of charge in the case of misuse, even if your machine develops a fault within the warranty period.


You may contact us for repair, consultation and parts replacement using the means below,

FAX: +49 6471 91249 69


Is your Miji cooking stove out of control? There’s no need to panic. Because on most occasions, a fault with your machine can be attributed to some minor problems that you can solve by yourself. This saves you time and money, because it should work again quickly. The following lists give you our suggestions and also instructions on how to solve your problems. When the problems cannot be solved using these instructions, please ask our customer service for help. We will work together on your problem.

Fault Cause Remedy
Residual heat indicator lamp stays off. Defective residual heat indicator lamp. Contact customer service.
Cooktop not heating. HiLight® - heating element or control dial defective. Contact customer service.
Error Fault Remedy
none Power supply disconnected. Check power supply (plug/fuse).
Acoustic signal Control panel is damp or has an object placed on it. Dry the control panel and/or remove the object.
H Residual heat indicator of the glass ceramic cooktop stays on. Wait for the cooktop to cool.
E2 Overheating of the heating element. Automatic cooktop safety cut-out activates. Turn off the appliance without removing the plug. Restart the appliance after it has cooled.
E3 or U Unsuitable cooking pot or pan Use a suitable cooking pot or pan.
E4 Internal fault Contact customer service.
E5 or E6 Defective heating element Contact customer service.
E9 Defective temperature sensor. Contact customer service.
Noises Induction-related operating sounds Induction technology generates eddy currents that cause molecules to resonate. These vibrations may make a certain amount of noise and do not indicate that the appliance is faulty.
Hum Induction-related hum Heard when cooking at high output levels. The cause of this is the amount of energy transferred from the cooktop to the appliance. The volume of this sound will decrease when the output level is reduced.
Fan noise Noise from the cooling fan Overheating of electronic components must be prevented to ensure a long service life. To ensure this, the appliance is fitted with a cooling fan. The cooling fan will continue to run after switching off the cooktop if the temperature measured is still too high.

We strongly recommend that you clean the SCHOTT CERAN® stove’s surface regularly, which is an optimal process after cooking. Please avoid using abrasive cleaning sponges or abradants. Aggressive chemical detergents such as solvents or spray for ovens are not suitable.

They help to keep your SCHOTT CERAN® stove in good condition in the long term:


  • The diameter of your pots and pans should be suitable for the size of your cooking zone.
  • Please use cookware with a flat base, to avoid damage to your surface layer.
  • Place your cookware flat on the surface layer to get the most out of the heat.
  • If you accidentally use the cold cooking surface as a working surface, please clean the stains at once, to avoid unsightly scratches from the residual grains.
  • Lift your cookware up whenever you move it to prevent scratches on your cooking surface.

Pots and pans, which can be utilised with the whole cooking bench, must be furnished with a magnetic base. It is possible to tell whether the pot is suitable for induction by doing a simple test by yourself or deducing it from the following lists.




  • Glazed steel cookware
  • Pure steel cookware suitable for induction
  • Cookware made of cast iron




  • Pure steel cookware unsuitable for induction
  • Ceramic cookware
  • Glass cookware
  • Clay cookware
  • Copper cookware
  • Aluminium cookware
  • Cookware with a magnetic core
  • Cookware without a flat, coated surface
  • Cookware with a diameter smaller than 12 cm or larger than 26 cm

Have you lost your operating manual and want to have a new one? You can download a new one straight away and for free here.

In addition, various videos from the themed activity of Miji on Tour are available to watch. Let’s follow Miji guest chef Oliver’s steps in the journey to wonderful cuisine with Miji.

The operating instructions are provided in the following PDF. To read the file formats, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download it from the website:


Download Miji Gala EI 1600W & 1700W
Download Star 3G & Star 3G Plus & Star 3G Art



Are you wondering whether your cooktop is appropriate for you? You can obtain all the information you need in our cooking school. With other participants, you can learn how to cook delicacies in a relaxing atmosphere, as well as get to know the various advantages of cooking with an induction stove. With instructions from well-known chefs, you can test it in our event kitchen with professional instruction so that you won’t miss the utility of induction in your own kitchen.

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