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Miji Design verbindet modernes, funktionales Design, innovative Technologie, hohe Materialqualität und umweltfreundliche Standards zu einem außergewöhnlichen Koch-Erlebnis.
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All the Miji products are designed to meet the requirements of National product standards. The products guarantee high performance, safety, stability, efficiency and durability. Miji appliances meet the highest standard of EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields) requirements in Germany. The core components have been tested according to Europe’s most stringent VDE-II (Association of German Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) to ensure the safety, stability and efficiency of all Miji appliances.


HiLight® cooktops from Miji make cooking easier. They heat up quickly and glow red when the cooking fun can start. Thanks to their smooth and flat glass-ceramic surface they are easy to clean and precisely control through with nine heat settings.

What is HiLight®?

Modern technology ensures excellent efficiency. After a very short warm-up time of three to five seconds, the cooking fun can start. The heating element glows dark red when it reaches the right radiant temperature and lets users know that the cooking zone is hot enough to begin cooking. The element heats evenly, thus ensuring a uniform heat distribution. A high standard of performance as well as long-term and stable reliability characterise the HiLight® technology.

How does HiLight® work?

Cookware is placed on a heat-resistant glass-ceramic surface, under which is a heating coil. When current is passed through the heating coil, it will visibly glow dark red when cooking temperature is reached. The resulting heat radiation is passed through the glass-ceramic panel to the cookware. A sturdy rod thermostat in the heating element prevents the surface from overheating. Maximum safety is guaranteed. Radiant heaters reach their ideal temperature after the shortest time.


With an induction cooktop from Miji, cooking becomes a joy – fast, energy-saving, precise and safe. The heat is generated where it is needed: directly in the pot bottom. This ensures less energy loss and shorter reaction times. The advantage of the induction is rapid heating of the food in a safe and healthy cooking environment.

What makes induction so special?

Induction cooking is fundamentally different from traditional cooking techniques such as cooking with gas or radiant heating elements. The required heat for cooking is immediately produced directly in the pot bottom. Neither an open flame or a hot cooking surface is necessary to heat the food. Unused or surrounding cooking zones barely heat up. This makes cooking with induction particularly safe and makes cleaning easier.

How does induction work?

The cookware is placed on a glass-ceramic surface, under which is a copper coil. If the hob is switched on, a magnetic field is generated by the induction coil. Using cookware with a magnetic base, the heat is generated in the pot bottom. Controlling the cooking process is immediate, because the pot bottom is heated directly and this heat is passed to the food. The glass-ceramic surface is not heated directly, only by the reflected heat output from the cookware, and only at the point where the pot is placed. The rest of the cooking surface stays cold. Induction cooking is not just safe, it is also convenient and fast.

What are the advantages of induction?



Cooking with induction appliances is almost twice as fast as cooking with HiLight® radiant heat and almost three times faster than cooking with gas. Extra performance reserves can be activated with boost functions. For instance, this energy-saving technology makes it possible to bring two litres of water to the boil in only 3:51 minutes.




The exposed surface of the cooktop remains cold – heat is generated exclusively in the bases of the pots and pans used for cooking.


  • minimal risk of burns
  • automatic pot/pan recognition = no heating without pots or pans
  • integrated temperature sensor prevents overheating




Precise control for ‘à point’ cooking without delays in reaching ideal cooking temperatures.


  • fast reactions
  • precise and simple control
  • ‘à point’ cooking
  • easy to clean (thanks to low surface temperature)
  • automatic pot/pan recognition
  • comfortable room climate, thanks to low levels of radiated heat




Heat is generated exclusively in the bases of pots or pans, no changeover losses when heating another medium.


  • highest efficiency
  • reduced energy costs
  • no heat losses
  • automatic adaptation to pot/pan sizes


Miji operates its own research and development facilities and a testing laboratory equipped with all essential technologies and tools for supporting the development process and the certification of electric cooking appliances. The laboratory was approved and certified as a testing centre compliant with CNAS standards on 30 December 2015.

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